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International Women Polytechnic is a top rated Women Polytechnic Institute in India for providing Fashion Design, Interior Design, NPTT, Stenography, Fine Arts, Cosmetology and other courses.

Stenography Institute in Delhi

A stenographer can also be referred to as a court reporter although the practice is not limited to court alone, the career is all about transcribing spoken words and inputting them by typing into a steno machine which is a kind of shorthand typewriter, we will be discussing about this machine along the article as we proceed with every details. The basic requirement of this career is how fast and accurate one can be in this field, to practice this career a license and a certificate must be earned after which an exam will be exercised specially to prove one’s ability.


A stenographer has stated earlier is not only limited to the court room but also needed in the medical environment as well as in the broadcasting room for perfect transcription for the challenged people (deaf) as well as for elders and other form impairments that has to do with hearing and recording. A steno machine coupled with a shorthand format is used to keep record for public use after which transcribing of information has been done. The training which can be through certificate or an associate platform (which is a degree program) requires a fast and an accurate typist to carry out different functions depending on the criteria a typist is found. The court room is the most popular place where a stenographer can be found because it entails regular public hearing and proper record keeping.

Basic Career Information

A stenographer is responsible for accurate transcription of public meetings, medical related proceedings as well as court hearing and must be able to type as fast as 200 words per minute to put done a whole conversation and this must be done without mistakes.


The use of a shorthand must be learned which is a form of abbreviation that is used for rapid transcription of court as well as medical proceedings also public meetings hearing which will be input into the steno machine that’s designated for such purpose, after the notes are entered into the steno machine a software enables the transcription to be transcribed into English. The transcript is then proofread to avoid and correct any mistakes. A stenographer should be vast in the use of medical terminologies and overall use of English language to be efficient and up to standard of the employer.

This career can be discovered in many institute, interested candidate should choose carefully from preferred institute Above

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